Tweet Me Right!

Today I’m introducing a new series I’m calling “Tweet Me Right!” that will cast the spotlight on some of my favorite food and beverage Twitterers. Over the next few months you’ll get to hear stories of my experiences, how I’ve taken advantage of their offers and what sets them apart from their competition.

Note: I’m in no way claiming to be a marketing guru or expert, but since I do have a degree in PR and Marketing, I feel like I know a little something about promoting a product. I really can’t fathom why any restaurant in their right mind would not be using FREE social media to market themselves. Yes, it does require a bit of time, but compared to the cost of a huge advertising campaign, it seems a few minutes a day would result in a pretty good ROI. (if done correctly of course)

So I really want to give props to those Twitterers that are doing it right–those that make themselves memorable and accessible by communicating not just what they’ve got on special for the day, but what music they’re listening to, what they’re eating, what they think about our local sports teams, etc, etc. Oh yeah, and those discounts and special offers? Yeah, those will be a big part of my reporting as well. We all love a good deal, right?

Over the past few months, I’ve frequented at least 8 businesses (yes, I counted) that I had never stepped foot in before I started following them on Twitter. The magic of Twitter* is happening: they’re getting me in the door, I’m spending money, and I’m talking. Alot. Stay tuned to learn which restaurants, bars, and retailers are winning my dollars and why!

*if you aren’t familiar with twitter, refer to my previous post here