Where I’ve Been

Exactly a year ago, this was my view. Oh, if only I could be magically transported back there….
I reeaaallly need a vacation.

Let me apologize for the shortage of food-related posts this week. I promise to get back to it soon. I’ve actually had quite a hectic schedule lately and absolutely no time to write, but thought I could at least share where I’ve been keeping myself since I often get asked what places I frequent. So here you go, a sampling of the places I’ve been hanging for the past week or so:

Suzy Wong’s House of Yum (twice!)
Whiskey Kitchen (twice!)
Rumba (twice!)
Athens Family Restaurant
Whole Foods (for lunch more than I can count)
and then tonight, Tayst!

Now can you see why I’ve had no time to write??

Photo Credit: Curacao Sunset by Me