A Different Kind of Week

Remember back when I started my blog and said that May was my favorite month of the year? Well, it runs a very tight race with October, and with October just a couple of days away, I’m already getting happier.

What’s so great about October you ask? Well, a few things (none of which have anything to do with football):

1) The cool morning air invigorates me

2) The chance of rainfall for Nashville is the least of any month of the entire year (and after this depressing wet September, I think we’re all ready for some sun)

3) I get to pull my boots out of storage!

4) Menu changes. Mmmm, butternut squash soup and apple crisps….

5) I met my husband on a gorgeous October night

6) I married my husband on a gorgeous October night (not to be confused with the same night that I met him)

And reason #6 is why my blog will look a little bit different this week. My first anniversary is this weekend!

Since Nashville wedding planning website Ashley’s Bride Guide featured our wedding recap last December, I’ve gotten a lot of emails and phone calls from soon-to-be-brides asking me all sorts of questions. So I figure sharing more details on here might not only help some of them, but any of you that are planning a special event in the future. From vendor recommendations to recipes, you’ll be getting the full scoop.

But first, I guess I should introduce the hubby.

Here he is! Tall, dark, and mysteriously handsome. Okay, so maybe he’s not so mysterious, but I love this picture, because he looks very movie-star cool as I gaze at him like an adoring fan.

Meet Ravi, my extremely intelligent, ridiculously entertaining honey. Eating and drinking make me smile, but he makes me smile AND laugh. Laughter is a very good thing.

And he has a really great laugh.
Stay tuned the rest of the week for more….

Photo credit: Inara Studios