Tweet Tweet Tweet

Previously I mentioned that you can find me on Twitter these days, but I don’t think I mentioned how totally awesome I think it is. I’m following several restaurants, local businesses, and news sources that help keep me up to date on all happenings, deals and steals in the food and drink world.

Why do you care? Simple. When there’s good scoop, I’m tweeting it, and all you have to do is watch the right sidebar of my blog to find the latest and greatest. I weed through it and deliver only the stuff I think lots of you would be interested in. Oh, and I also let you know what I’m eating all day long- you care about that, right?

So be sure to come back here periodically throughout the day and check out my discoveries. For example: Yazoo and Virago are moving to the Gulch, a link to a coupon for Provence, a way to buy 1/2 off gift cards to the Capitol Grille, and me announcing that I just spotted Niki Taylor at Whole Foods. Exciting stuff, right?

PS- if you decide you want to start tweeting, follow me @betheats!