Girls Only

To celebrate the launch of their new Black Raspberry Vodka, Belvedere is hosting a Girls Night Out Sweepstakes where one lucky girl and 7 of her friends will be treated to a night out on the town! (sorry, no boys allowed!)

The grand prize includes: 2 mini suites at a luxurious hotel, one night out in the city with +7 friends (party of 8) including dinner at a local hot spot and access to a trendy lounge/nightclub. Belvedere will purchase 2 bottles and limo transportation for 9 hours.

To enter go to and click on the “win a private maceration party” link. Hurry, contest ends July 31st! (you’re allowed to enter once a day, so set yourself a daily reminder and increase your odds!)

I’ll make a deal with you now: If I win, I bring 7 of you. If you win, you have to bring me. Fair?

Don’t be sad if you don’t win the grand prize. Second prize is none too shabby- a full day of spa services at a luxury spa in your hometown/closest major city.

If you’re wondering what the heck maceration is…it’s Belvedere’s distinctive process of soaking vodka in fresh fruit.